I am a confessed hoarder, attempting to downsize enough that I can live in 400 sq ft or less. Possible? I believe so. I’ve been excited about the progress I’ve made and noting a few discoveries now and then on this blog.

Why 400 sq ft? Because it’s about the size of a two car garage (small enough that the space would be able to be fairly open), would be easy to heat, would be simpler to maintain and clean, and would still allow me enough space that I wouldn’t feel… well, overwhelmed by tininess. I’ve been weighing what I’m getting rid of, and right now I’m over 2250 pounds lighter. And I haven’t missed but four things: a blouse, an old directory of names, and two other things I can’t even remember. I’ve missed less than four pounds in more than 2000.

Why reduce? Well, read my blog and find out. 🙂

Why weigh it? I wanted to get rid of a literal ton of stuff. It’s just fun to say I did.

  1. I found you via a comment you left on Kent’s Tiny House Blog on the post titled, “Little House on the Prairie.” When I read that you are in Kansas, I clicked on your name so I could see what you’re up to in my homestate and now I’m following your blog. I’m looking forward to keeping up with you!

  2. Thanks for commenting on Ozarks Crescent Mural! Since you used your Blogger log-in to make the comment, I saw you had a blog there that ended in 2011, so you must’ve picked up over here on WordPress. I just wanted to share that you may want to add a final post on your Blogger blog with a link over here to your WordPress blog.

  3. I just saw you on TinyHouseMap, that you’re around Troy – I used to live in that area. I get the no-support thing. While I was there I often felt like the only “living small/eco-nut” within 50 miles. Too bad I’m not there – we could have been tiny house buddies!
    Oh – and the amount of trash people there throw out! (You’ve got a post on that.) Yes, it was horrifying. Didn’t help that our recycling program was an add-on you had to pay extra for the privilege of. Rural area; I think some of the older folks were still used to the days where you had to burn your trash out on the land.
    I miss those country stars and frogs and all of it. Enjoy them while you’ve got them!

  4. Hello, noticed you on the Tiny House Map…I live in SW Missouri and am just now researching for my future tiny house. I would love to find a community of others with these homes and to possibly become a part of an actual “community” in this area. Where in MO are you?

    • I’m an hour west of St Louis. Wish we were closer! Depending on where you live you might find an older area of a town that has small homes. The longer I’ve lived small the more strongly I’ve wished for a small or tiny house community!

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