Monthly Archives: May 2014


My apologies that it’s been so long since I posted. Yes, I survived the winter. I have a thriving garden and love the land I live on. Except for the bugs and the distance to cities, people, and activities. I hope to post soon with better updates. I don’t have internet at my little house, but hopefully I’ll be able to post more tomorrow night… perhaps including a few pictures.


In the meantime… if you’re considering a small/tiny house, make sure that if it has a metal roof, that the roof extends a foot or two past the walls or is regularly moved. Having a permanent location and no roof overhang has been probably my biggest regret, because when the roof sweats the walls and foundation are constantly damp, inviting many six-legged unwelcome ‘guests’. Roaches have been a huge battle this spring. I haven’t seen but a few in the house, but see several on the front porch every night. Time for Roach Prufe in vast quantities. (Yes, sorry that’s not very eco-friendly, but I can’t stand roaches, and since I’m not refrigerating most produce, I’m even more disgusted that they are so near.)


Other regrets? Not being closer to my job (I didn’t have a job when I bought the land) and lack of closet space. Drawers just don’t suffice for some things. I also wish the cabin were wider than 12 feet. If it were just a few feet wider, I could do much more with the space. And I finally retired the homemade couch in favor of three small chairs. They can be arranged more easily, still have storage space underneat, and are MUCH more comfortable.