Monthly Archives: November 2013

The Real Problem of Tiny Living

I’ve been living in my 320 sf since the beginning of July, and now cooler weather has come. I’m sealing the leaks and stopping the drafts that come with rushing through a remodeling process that I wasn’t completely comfortable with. And coming to see the real difficulty with living small… there isn’t enough to do! Yes, in those long months when it’s too cold outside and too dark too early, what does a person do in 320 sf in the country? Within the next weeks my lifestyle is going to have to be readjusted to finding activities in the town I work in and finding new hobbies, not because it’s chilly in the house (I still turn off the heater during the day) or because I don’t like the house (though I still hope to build on my land or buy something small closer to town), but because once the organization and the decorating are done… well, they’re done. There’s just nothing to keep up on, no projects pending, nothing more to clean or decorate or do. I’m already considering decorating for Christmas. That’s never happened before, especially not in a big house!