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I got a job!

I’m moving back to MO, and it’s all because of my cabin. I had been camping there, and after I left the cabin I ran into someone who turned out to be HR. I had a job offer two weeks later.

And so now is the rush… to get the septic installed, to run plumbing, to get some electricity in and some cabinets and a toilet and… it’s going to be a busy few weeks. But hopefully the weeks will yield some great results, and some good pictures!



While visiting with my sister I mentioned my costs would be cut by living at the cabin because I wouldn’t have trash fees. She questioned, in a rather surprised way, how I planned to live without trash service. I explained that they charge $2/bag if I drive it to the dump myself, and that at one Walmart bag of trash (or less since I will be able to compost there) it hardly seemed wise to spend $30-40 on trash service. She told me her family fills a trash can and a neighbor lets them put their OVERFLOW trash in her receptacle. And went on to say she didn’t know what they would do when trash service went from twice to once a week.

If I understood her, she trows away more than two 30 gallon trash cans full of trash a week. I’m stunned.

I look at the 30 gallon can in my driveway and wonder how on earth anyone could fill one. Mine usually contains one Walmart sized bag of trash. And I cringe to be throwing even that much away. I thought that was too much for me. Most of it could be recycled with a little more effort or composted in another setting.

What types of things fill a 30 gallon trash can? My sister recycles, but doesn’t compost. Surely not that many food scraps? She doesn’t even use paper towels. I don’t understand. I mentioned that to my dad tonight, and he said he and Mom throw away about a 30 gallon trash can of trash a week between just the two of them. They don’t recycle. Still, I don’t get it. What does the average American throw away on a weekly basis?


I’ve moved a few car loads of stuff to the cabin now, and am excited. Not only by the move, but by the LACK of moving. I truly won’t need to move more than another 3-5 carloads, if that. Depending on exactly what I decide to keep, of course. A rocking chair, a book case, a table (maybe), a quilt rack (that’s very debatable), a Christmas tree (probably not), and the free closet organizer since it can be taken apart…

Three weeks ago I met someone who encouraged me to apply for a job. I did, and have already had a prescreening and an interview. There are other positions coming up as well. I’ll know in two weeks. And I’m excited-the staff seem friendly and professional, they work as a team, the office was clean and neat, and there would be someone available to train me. They reminded me in the interview that it was “entry level” and that I’m overqualified. I told them that frankly, I didn’t care. I’m not looking for status, just stability. And a way to move to my two acres and still have time for cats and maybe some chickens. The job would suit me very well, and if what I saw in my interview is any indication, I’d enjoy not only the cabin but the workplace as well. Now if I can just get utilities run and still save those tadpoles…


I wouldn’t have thought the final delay on getting my cabin set on the land would be frogs, but it may be. The old foundation from the house that burned down filled nicely with enough water for some frogs to lay eggs there. Hundreds of tadpoles are now swimming where my house should be.

I talked to the guy who’s going to set the cabin and hook up utilities the other day. I asked him to please be careful of the tadpoles, and remarked that my request might be the oddest he’d receive this week. He said kind of aside “Ok, save the frogs. That might be the oddest question I’ve gotten in 55 years.” But he chuckled about it.

It might be an odd request. But frogs are some of the best and definitely the most natural ‘insecticide’ around.  So yes, please. Save the frogs.

Free stuff!

Went to yard sales this morning and as I was heading home saw a huge pile by the street-Got a closet organizer thing and cushions from a couch free-the only two things I really hoped to find at yard sales. 🙂 I’ll re-cover the cushions with denim and put them over a bench thing for a couch in the cabin. No moving a couch this time! And the closet organizer will go beside my bed and become the closet and outer wall of the bathroom (excluding studs and a bit of sound proofing). I won’t really have a bedroom but will be adding a little space somewhere for hanging clothes, but the organizer will help a lot both with space and the look of everything in the cabin. I like free a lot!

First weekend at the cabin

I spent Memorial Day weekend at the cabin. There’s no plumbing or electricity yet, but with a couple gallons of water and family not far away, I could camp fairly enjoyably… at least until the coolest part of the night. I had taken my Panamanian hammock-very comfortable to sleep in in Central America, but maybe not so much when it’s 50 degrees. The air got cooler and cooler and so did I. I woke up shaking I was so cold. But sleeping in the hammock helped me decide definitely to install hammock hooks. I shouldn’t need AC at night in the cabin even in the hottest part of summer if I have a fan and a hammock.

The grass was waist high on my two acres, but I found room to tuck 80 onions, some flower seeds, cherry seeds (not sure they’ll grow), paper whites, tulips, strawberries, blue berries and a raspberry in. I found out the roses on the land are wild roses, there are iris scattered here and there, gobs of honeysuckle, maybe a spirea, a bayberry, possibly gooseberries, and a mulberry tree, which was a very wonderful discovery. Mulberries were one of the things I’ve missed most about the big house I sold. Mom gave me some spurge and mint, too.

And there are tadpoles in the old foundation! I hope I can find a way to keep some frogs on the property. I don’t know of anything not beneficial about frogs-they’ll eat the mosquitoes and other bugs, don’t carry diseases that I’m aware of, and sound nice at night. What’s not to like about a frog?

The ground is wet, but it isn’t as wet as many places in the area right now, so apparently it drains well enough.

I taped out the floor plan in masking tape and rearranged it a bit in the process. Taping it out was very helpful because I could walk around and feel how it would be to live there. It feels  very comfortable, very cozy.

Next trip, I hope to be able to install interior plumbing and hook it up! Then it will truly feel like home.