Monthly Archives: May 2013

Cabin Fever

I’m going home for awhile to work on the cabin soon. The closer I get to being on my own land in my own cabin again the harder it is to focus on anything else. I’m taking plants to start permaculture landscaping-some tulips I found deeply discounted at a florist, paperwhites that arrived at my rental by surprise, larkspur, and strawberries. There is Russian sage and thyme waiting at my parents’ house for transplant, too.

The paperwhites were funny. I was walking one night and someone had thrown a bunch (as in about half a shopping bag full) on the curb and into the street. Thinking they must be wild onions, I collected them, took them back to my rental, and tucked them in the dirt along side the house since some were pretty small. Soon, there were odd bulbous shapes sticking up. I thought those were strange onions. Then they started blooming. Paperwhites! I would have been happy for the onions, but I’m thrilled to have the paperwhites. And it appears that most of them will survive.

I love flower bulbs.

I’m looking forward to other things in the yard, too, in seeing my garage for the first time in person, and in working on the interior of my small house. Not much longer!!!



I’m packing! Not much, and more mentally for my first nights in my small house rather than long term, but still packing!
The first things I’ll want:
A change of clothes
My Panamanian hammock (cooler for sleeping in the summer and won’t take a UHaul to move like a mattress would)
toaster oven
electric skillet
fire pit
solar cell phone/laptop charger…
I’m going to be totally off grid for a little while, since none of the pipes are installed yet and the electric may not be hooked up yet. So most meals this summer will be cooked over a fire pit on a wood fire, and some of my packing will include the supplies to build and repair. 
As far as working on the house, I’ve decided to start by furring the floor up a couple inches and dropping in some insulation between the old subfloor and the new. (The floor isn’t currently insulated at all.) In the process I’ll drop in the drains for the washer, sinks, and shower and build the base for the closet and bathroom walls. (I’ll put 2x4s under the wall sections instead of furring strips.) 
Plumbing will be my next fete. I’ve done plumbing repairs, but am not familiar with drain vents at all, so I will have a bit of a learning curve on that. Gutters will be fairly simply and vastly helpful to both the cabin and the garage. They will be prepared for a rain collection system that will be installed as soon as possible. 
I’m still debating whether to install a simple sand water filtration system to filter shower water. Even if I don’t do it immediately, I think I will in the future. That’s just too much decent water to send into a septic tank. I’d really like to use a plumbing system that allows for redirection of water either to the land or the septic as need requires if possible. In a dream world, wouldn’t it be nice to start the shower and turn a knob directing clear water to an irrigation system, then turn it the other way to direct soapy rinse water into the filtration or septic system?
Walls, flooring and cabinets will come after that as there’s time and after the cabin is moved to it’s permanent location, about 14′ from where it is currently.