Monthly Archives: March 2013

Placing a portable cabin

This is becoming a very long journey. When the portable cabin was moved to my property, it wasn’t set right. Thankfully there is a company not far away that is willing to do all the trenching needed plus resetting the cabin, for a small (somewhat pricey) fee, of course. It’s within budget, but now I need to check on a few other foundation options, since a basement or crawl space might be just as cost effective as the gravel they are suggesting.

Gravel. I’m not sure what to think of the gravel. There was a crawl space under the house that burned. To put the cabin on the amount of gravel needed to raise it to the height they are discussing… that’s quite a bit of rock. They say it will be good that way, but I wonder. And once the rock is there, there’s not much changing my mind.

I keep picturing the crawl space turned into a couple feet in ground of house. I like what I envision. Part of me keeps thinking that I’d like to build a house in that old foundation. Most of me is more interested in just having a place ready to live in and a garden. A huge, two acre country garden. With a few chickens wandering in it maybe. Still, I know that it would be much wiser to do what I really want, the way I really want to do it, even if it takes some extra time. Patience isn’t one of my virtues and impatience is clashing with my dreams right now.

I like this company. A lot. And I think the guys will do a good job. But they don’t see what I envision. I don’t envision all that rock. But maybe they see something I don’t, too. I think their idea would probably work. But is it what I want?

In case anyone is wondering about costs, septic repair was going to be $300-800. I planned for water and electric hook up to be $500 each. Anchors would be $200-400 each. The foundation and all, including anchors, will total $2600. Maybe $300 more for a pad for the electric to sit on. They need to talk to the electrical engineer before they know the rules on that for sure. Though I’d hoped to avoid a new foundation, I’d budgeted $3000 for one, just in case. So this price isn’t bad, but I’m still not sure I like the idea of that much rock. We shall see.

It would probably help if I could decide whether I really want to live in the cabin permanently, or whether I’d prefer to build from the ground up and use the current cabin as a temporary house while the real one is built. A 400 sf square cut log cabin would only be $15,000. Plus the foundation. Very tempting.


I miss my house

I still live 300+ miles from my house. I’m looking for a job there, but nothing has come up yet. Sitting here while it is there is much more difficult than downsizing, especially since it’s time to plant a garden.

Still, in good time it will come together.

The House Has Moved!!!

We got the house moved this morning. It was interesting to watch. The ground was froze around it so it was hard to get on the truck, and they broke a window. The previous owners replaced the window for me, which was nice of them, and it’s now sitting on the concrete slab. I’ll get the plumbing done within the next month or two and then have the house reset so that it’s properly on the concrete. The ground is so soft right now that the truck couldn’t have set it properly. But it’s there!

The ceiling is taller than I thought it would be. There will be room to raise the bed for extra storage. It’s also a bit narrower than I expected, but only by a few inches. I think it will still be plenty wide for the floor plan I’d chosen though. I’m happy!