Monthly Archives: October 2012

Living Small Big

I still love living smaller. Sometimes it’s difficult not to buy something I know I don’t need, but being more conscious of what I’m buying has helped a lot. And there are still more tiny perks that make a huge difference in my life:

I am saving around $80 every month on utilities.
Cleaning takes very little time now. (Although cleaning a tiny bathroom floor takes just as long as cleaning a larger one because it’s hard to get into the small spaces.)
My house heats up in nearly no time due to it’s smaller size, so it will be cozier in winter apparently.
I’m more aware of what I now own, which makes me feel richer.

I was amazed this morning to discover that I’ve almost reached a major financial goal. And the more I’ve considered options, the more I’ve leaned toward living small in the city, near jobs and medical facilities. As much as I love the country, I don’t want to buy another expensive car and repeatedly fill it with gas. Maybe I’ll buy a small house in a smaller city/town, create a walled garden area on the lot behind the house, and buy a piece of land in the country that I can visit once a week or so. That would significantly reduce my commute without compromising what I really want at all. And who knows? Perhaps I can find a lot in town that would allow for the eight or so fruit trees and garden I want… or two lots side by side.

Dad has been saying for several years that they should move back to town. Gas prices have been difficult for them in the country. They aren’t able to be as involved with a community of others. And mowing just three acres has become difficult. This will be my retirement home. What I’m watching and learning is that my dream has more to do with quiet and less pollution and crime and less to do with whether the house is in the country or the city.

Besides, walking to work has a certain appeal.