IRC codes

IRC, International Residential Codes, are as interesting as they are long. Here is a sampling related to the house I was going to purchase. I’ll be using them in discussions with the realtor tomorrow… as well as with the city inspector if the owner or realtor argues that I can’t back out of the offer based on the enormous number of concerns: Sec. 15.01.340. – Section 903. amended—Opening dimensions and access.permanent link to this piece of content

Chapter 9, Section 903. of the International Fire Code, 2006 Edition, is amended to read as follows:

[B] Section 903. Opening dimensions and access. Openings shall have a minimum dimension of not less than 30 inches (762 mm) in width and 48 inches (1219 mm) in height. Such openings shall be accessible to the fire department from the exterior and shall not be obstructed in a manner that fire fighting or rescue cannot be accomplished from the exterior.

Sec. 20.04.040. – Minimum standards for light, ventilation, electricity and heating.permanent link to this piece of content

4B Where the determination is made by the electrical inspector, upon examination of the existing electrical service supply, that the electrical service supply is being used in such manner as would constitute a hazard to the occupants or would otherwise constitute a hazard to life and property, such as but not limited to, overloading of circuits, unsafe wiring or inadequate wiring, then such conditions shall be corrected by a licensed electrical contractor of the city in conformance to the city electrical code.

Exception: If the owner-occupant of a detached single-family dwelling desires to install any electrical installations on the load side of the service panelboard in the main structure or in the usual accessory buildings thereto, the owner occupant shall obtain an electrical permit as required by the city electrical code upon fulfillment of exam and plan review requirements as administered by the electrical section of the office of central inspection. The owner obtaining said permit shall personally purchase all materials and shall personally perform all labor in connection with the permitted project. The owner shall call for all inspections and otherwise be responsible to comply with all the applicable provisions of the city electrical code.

5 Every dwelling or dwelling unit shall have heating facilities which are properly installed, are maintained in safe and good working condition, and are capable of safely and adequately heating all habitable rooms, bathrooms and water closet rooms located therein to a temperature of at least seventy degrees Fahrenheit. Such heating equipment shall be operated as reasonably necessary to allow maintenance of a temperature in all habitable rooms of seventy degrees Fahrenheit at a point three feet above the floor;

10Every residential structure shall contain ceiling insulation material that meets the requirements of Federal Specification HH-I-515C including a flame spread factor of fifty or less and that achieves a minimum rating factor of R-19 as approved by the superintendent of central inspection. Any ceiling insulation material that is installed hereafter in an existing residential structure shall meet the requirements of Federal Specification HH-I-515C including a flame spread factor of fifty or less as approved by the superintendent of central inspection, and shall, in addition, contain an R rating factor label. The ceiling insulation material shall be installed in accordance with the manufacturers specifications and in a manner that achieves a minimum rating factor of R-19. R shall be defined for purposes of this section as that term is defined by the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning;


Sec. 20.04.060. – Minimum space, use, etc., requirements.permanent link to this piece of content

(2)Every room occupied for sleeping purposes shall contain at least seventy square feet of floor space for the first occupant, one hundred square feet for two occupants, and at least fifty square feet of floor space for each additional occupant thereof. Every egress or rescue window from a sleeping room must have a minimum net clear opening of 3.3 square feet with minimum net clear opening dimensions of seventeen inches by twenty-four inches, and a minimum overall breakout area (including frame) of five square feet.

Sec. 20.04.180. – Designation of unfit dwellings and procedure for correction.permanent link to this piece of content

The designation of dwellings as unfit for human habitation and the procedure for correction of such unfit dwellings shall be carried out in compliance with the following requirements:


The superintendent of central inspection may determine that a dwelling is unfit for human habitation, if he finds that conditions exist in such dwelling which are dangerous or injurious to the health, welfare, safety, or morals of the occupants of such dwelling; the occupants of neighboring dwellings or other residents of the city; or which have a blighting influence on properties in the area. Such conditions may include the following without limitation: Defects therein increasing the hazard of fire, accidents or other calamities; lack of adequate ventilation; air pollution; light or sanitary facilities; dilapidation; disrepair; structural defects; uncleanliness; overcrowding; inadequate ingress and egress; dead and dying trees, limbs or other unsightly natural growth; unsightly appearances that constitute a blight to adjoining properties, the neighborhood, or the city; walls, siding or exteriors of a quality and appearance not commensurate with the character of the properties in the neighborhood; unsightly stored or parked material, equipment, supplies, machinery, trucks, or automobiles or parts thereof; vermin infestation; inadequate drainage; or any violation of health, fire, building or zoning regulations; or any other laws or regulations relating to the use of land and the use and occupancy of buildings and improvements. The determination that a building is unfit for human habitation shall be predicated on the fact that such effects as aforesaid are a serious hazard to the health, welfare, safety of the occupants or of the public, or that such defects constitute violations of four or more of the standards in the other sections of this chapter; or are continued violations of such standards. The health officer and fire chief shall cooperate with the superintendent of central inspection in determining that a dwelling is unfit for human habitation where health or fire regulations are applicable.


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