Monthly Archives: January 2012


All the silly left over plastic containers are gone!

Around here, there are few recyclers, especially for #4, 5, 6 plastics. How do you get rid of those without adding to the dumps? I found a church that could use them to store things. How many times they’ll use them or whether they’ll later be thrown away, I’ll never know. But it’s good to have them out of the kitchen and off my responsibility list.


Reducing and loving it!!!

I realized about a week ago that I have reduced my clothes by well over half… and have only missed one thing I donated. And that for only a few minutes. Now I’m very motivated to further reduce.

Recently I also posted some dishes for sale on Craigslist. Within hours, I had interest, and within two days they were all gone, as well as other dishes that the buyers decided they wanted when they saw them. One thing I’ve learned: ask more. I may not have paid much, but some people go nuts over a “good deal” and will almost throw the money at you to buy what you would have almost paid to get rid of. I should have known, but I didn’t. In the future I’ll scan Craigslist before posting items and see what others are asking. After the crazy reaction I got to the listing, I discovered I asked for a set what others were asking for a cup and saucer.

Kitchen progress

My kitchen progress is slow due to some work related issues. I did manage to get rid of about 25 place settings ¬†of dishes this week, though. I was very happy with that. I have six place settings-dinner plate, lunch plate, saucer, large bowl, dessert bowl-left. That is more than enough for one person. I haven’t missed the extras… except when I first realized I’d just given away my “starter set”-the first dishes I had when I first graduated college. That was a slightly emotional moment. Someone came and bought them all, though, and I wasn’t going to pass up the money. Especially not when I would have almost paid someone to take them!

Next is the pots and pans. Again, I have more than enough. I need to list them on Craigslist like I did the dishes. I’m not sure anyone would buy them, but I hope they would. I do use my pots and pans more than my dishes though, so I’ll have to think about that one for a little while.

Last Monday, I saw a set of Corning Ware that matches my Corelle better than the ones I had. I had a larger set, and this was smaller, so I offered to trade the people who were giving them away. They gladly agreed, so I got a newer, nearly unused set, and they got a larger, more used set. We were all happy, I think. In getting my set out, I realized two things:

1) I hadn’t used my Corning Wear in a VERY long time. They were covered in dust so thick I could write in it.

2) I had more than I thought. This Christmas I looked into getting a set of glass storage bowls in smaller sizes. I didn’t realize I had smaller Corning Wear bowls already in the cabinet. So I kept those when I gave the large set away. And once I’d thought about it, I did kind of remember buying them somewhere…

So the Corning Ware stays. I suspect the Teflon pans will almost all go–supposedly just like everything else, they can be hazardous to your health. So maybe I’ll keep a couple pieces and sell the rest. I’m not sure yet. What I NEED to do is box it all and see what I really remember and need if I can’t see it anymore. I suspect there wouldn’t be much in that box worth going to the basement for…