Monthly Archives: December 2011


I’m proud of myself. About ten days ago, my sewer backed up. In the process of cleaning and tossing and reorganizing the laundry area, I discovered that I have given away over half of my clothes. And I haven’t missed them a bit. I still have more to go through. But seeing over 75 empty hangers together was a wonderful feeling. At one time I didn’t have enough hangers even with all those!

Dishes are next on my hit list, I think. And I’m kind of looking forward to it.


You pay WHAT to store things you never use?!?!

I live in 960 sq ft right now. There’s a basement, but it’s pretty much unused (so is one of the upstairs rooms). I’ve been donating things and things to thrift stores. Every time I fill a box, I consider myself that much closer to my goal of ¬†building and living in 400 sq ft (or a little less). Less cleaning, less to repair, less to heat, less to pay taxes and insurance on… less storage space. I used to laugh at people who paid $75+ for a storage shed every month to keep things they never used anyway. Then I realized I was doing the SAME THING (at probably a little higher cost) by paying the insurance, taxes, and maintenance on the square footage I had. At one time I thought I needed more space because I couldn’t seem to make everything fit in the apartment I had. Instead, I just needed a more practical floor plan and a few less unnecessaries.